We are a company with a long standing experience in production of equipment for capitalizing on water sources for producing electrical energy.

TPS-turbine d.o.o. is a family business with 30 years of experience, which was founded under supervision from HIDROSERVIS Laško, who for number of years has been fulfilling it’s goal of being one of the most successful companies for production of small hydroelectric power-plants.

Our range of products includes vertical and horizontal Pelton turbines from one to six nozzles and also vertical and horizontal Francis turbines of different sizes. We also perform renovation work and automatization of existing small hydro power plants in Slovenia and ex-Yugoslavia. As a manufacturer of water turbines we also produce the hydro mechanical equipment on the intake of the power plants which includes several different cleaning systems for gravel and leaves also grids and gates which can be upgraded into fully automatic cleaning system.

The company has been developing through several projects and the collaboration with Elektrokovinar Laško in the 100 mHE program for Slovenia. Later it has also successfully collaborated with Litostroj I.E. as a manufacturer of mechanical equipment for mHE Elektra Maribor. We have produced, renovated and automated a large number of objects, who operate successfully and distribute electrical electrical energy into the network. Our experiences can be found in the reference list, where you can also find the about all our satisfied consignees.