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Electrical energy

Electrical energy is generated and transported very easily because it is available almost everywhere. It can be relatively easy changed into thermal, sonic, mechanical or chemical energy and it can be also done the other way around. Changing electrical energy into other forms of energy doesn’t pollute the environment.

Because of all facts mentioned above and a lot of other positive characteristics the electrical energy is the most applicable source of energy for machines and appliances and of course the transfer of information.


Electrical energy can be generated by transforming other kinds of energy into electrical. It is done by transforming mechanical energy into electrical. Nowadays the majority of electrical energy is generated that way. Electrical generator is being run by the turbine on the principle of electrical magnetic induction and is producing various kinds of primal energy into mechanical.


Types of hydro power plants

Depending on the characteristics of the waters on whitch the powerplants are build they are divided into:

  • accumulative (large drop and small quantities of water)
  • transfusing (small drop and large quantities of water)
  • channel (transfusing hydro power plants)

Types of water turbines

  • Francis turbines (medium flow)
  • Pelton turbines (large drop and small quantities of water)
  • Kaplan turbines (small drop and large quantities of water)
  • Banki turbines
  • Pipe turbines