In order to avoid trouble in operating of the turbine or too big wearing out, a grid is installed at the top of the intake. It is fully adapted to the natural environment it is built in so it is used for leaves, nuts, rocks, gravel or sand.
With the right choice and an accurate construction of a grid we can make a big influence on the operating of the turbine and prolong it’s lifeline.


We can produce or remodel your gates so that they operate fully automatic. An automatic operating enables an independent cleaning of the sand-trap, allows operating also in winter and prevents gravel from gathering in the sand-trap. Smaller quantities of gravel and sand in the sand-trap reduce the wear out turbine.

Our equipment does not include the electricians work and the electrical equipment.

Grids and gates (mHE ŠOLAR-Koritno, mHE CEZLAK, mHE JOSIPDOL, mHE ČINŽAT)

Cleaning cycle