Our offer also includes specially designed turbines for installation in plumbing systems.

Existing and new water supply systems operate on the principle of gravitational water supply through water pipes. In most cases, water catchments are located in higher locations, making direct water supply impossible due to excessive pressure in the pipes. House installations only allow us a lower operating pressure. In most places, relief stations with relief valves or so-called pressure breakers are installed in these places. In these systems, the excess energy of the water is converted into heat.

It is possible to install a suitable turbine in these places, which produces electricity from the excess water energy in the inflow section. Turbines are made of special materials used in the food industry and the water at the outlet is as ecologically clean as when entering the turbine.

However, the maintenance of such a turbine does not represent a higher cost of maintaining existing relief installations. In this way, we can produce a large amount of green and stable electricity on the existing water supply infrastructure. In Slovenia, many such turbines of various powers from 100 kW/pet unit and more have been operating successfully for many years.